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Water Birth


The Support You Deserve

As a birth doula, I have the sole purpose to help support and educate a pregnant woman and her partner before birth about their options during labor and help create a flexible birth plan. I teach couples how to prepare for labor physically and mentally and what to do when it starts. Once labor begins, I then provide in person emotional support, position changes and non medical pain relief options to ease discomfort and help labor progress smoothly. I can also help both parents adjust to circumstances as they change during the birth process. Once baby arrives, I make sure mom, dad and baby are fed and settled in to rest and recovery before leaving.

As a postpartum doula, once at home, I help ease the transition to parenthood through hands on care which might include laundry, dishes or baby care, as well as support and education for mom and the new family. I help to reassure and encourage them so they can enjoy this precious time. If there are other children in the home, I can help make the adjustment to a new sibling easier for them as well.

What Clients Have Said About Best Beginnings

"I can't even put into words how valuable it was to have Sally at my hospital birth, but I'm going to try. The support I received during pregnancy, labor/birth, and postpartum is like nothing I've ever experienced before. She is extremely supportive, has a gentle, calming presence, very knowledgeable about the birth process. She was incredibly emotionally supportive as well as physically supportive. She also helped talk me through past birth trauma. She seems like she's been doing this for 50 years. She gives amazing back massages too! If we ever had another kid (sorry- we won't, lol), I would be contacting her immediately to reserve my spot with her. My only regret is that I didn't know about her when we had our first kiddo."

-Brianna E.

"If you are contemplating hiring a doula for your birth, DO IT!
To be completely honest, I didn't know a ton about the role of  doulas before meeting Sally, but I cannot recommend her enough! She was so caring and made me feel very comfortable, which took down my anxiety a lot. Before baby arrived, Sally presented me with evidence based research on topics I was unsure about and advocated for me at the hospital to help me make decisions that were in line with what was most important to me. After baby arrived, I had a few complications healing and I felt ignored by my doctor. Sally was always there for me, even though she was not on call anymore. Even if she didn't know the answer, she made me feel supported and helped me find a solution. Having another woman by my side who was clearly passionate about helping other women made my experience much less overwhelming. I am so grateful to have found Sally and I would recommend her services to any mother, new or veteran."
- Alyssa R.

Husband touching Wife's pregnant belly
Owner, birth and postpartum doula Sally Wiggins

My Philosophy

Custom Care

Every woman, every birth, every baby is unique and deserves care based on on those special qualities and needs. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to give birth and I'll help you explore what different options are available to help you have the best experience for you, your partner and your baby.


The more someone knows, the more confident they can be in the choices they make; especially when things don't go as "planned". Although it's impossible to plan for every scenario, having a doula that has experience and training for many of the things that could happen during labor and birth goes a long way towards helping you have a smooth and empowering experience. I am continually learning new things to best help my clients navigate pregnancy, birth and postpartum times.


Birth requires trusting your body and trusting those who are caring for you and your baby. As a doula, I believe that women were made to birth their babies without a lot of interventions. This is called physiological birth. For most women, this is what God and nature intended. Having trust in yourself and your care team allows oxytocin, the hormone that is necessary to keep labor progressing, to flow freely and helps labor go more smoothly. During our prenatals, I listen to your desires and potential fears about birth and together we create a plan for labor. As I learn about you, it helps to build trust and confidence that you and your baby are safe and can work together during birth for your best experience.

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