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What clients have to say...

"When my husband and I found out I was pregnant with our first child we were very excited. We started thinking about the delivery and since I didn't know what to expect I was very nervous and stressed about it. We looked into a doula and the hospital paired me up with Sally. Since we first met I knew this was a great choice and I left the meeting feeling less stressed. I went into labor at 3 am and started texting with Sally and she responded right away. She gave me some tips to try at home before rushing to the hospital. When I texted her I was leaving for the hospital she immediately was on route. She was so helpful through the whole delivery process. My husband was able to leave and park the car, get lunch when needed; he felt good about leaving me knowing I was in good hands. Even though I had an epidural, she was able to guide me into different positions to help with the delivery that the nurses wouldn't have thought of. She was literally there for me from the time I went into labor until my child was born. She is a great advocate for you and makes sure you get what you want. She was a great addition and I would recommend her and use her again."

   -Jamie R.

"Sally is an amazing doula! She helped me during my natural labor and delivery in September 2020 and was very supportive of my needs and wishes. She helped me remember and realize my goals for delivery while being supportive of potential plan changes. She helped talk me through each choice and helped me remain calm and focused when the sensations got intense. She has also gone above and beyond to check in with me since giving birth and even wrote a birth story for me! I would 100% recommend Sally as a doula!"

   -Andrea P.

"When my husband & I found out we were expecting we had a basic idea of what we needed to get through labor. We knew we wanted as little intervention as possible, as much emotional/mental support that we could get, & were interested in natural remedies to help with labor. That's when we decided to hire a Doula. When we started the match process we knew that we wanted someone maternal, kind, positive, & that would help be an advocate for us. Sally was the perfect fit. Being a mom herself, & assisting countless other moms through labor we felt confident she was what we needed to have the successful birth we planned for. A week after our due date our doctor checked us in to be induced. What we were hoping would kickstart my body to go into labor instead took over 24 hours before we realized this isn't going to happen the way we wanted. Sally was absolutely instrumental during that entire time in making sure I didn't lose my mind, or give in prematurely before we decided to go another route. Sally massaged my back through every contraction, spoon fed me jello, held peppermint oil under my nose everytime I felt nauseous, diffused essential oils to calm me, put me in the shower when I couldn't stand laying in bed any longer, advocated for me to my nurses to make sure my needs/wants were met, & then finally helped us make the decision 30 hours later to have a c-section. I was terrified, but felt so much better knowing she was by our side & that we had done everything we could do up until that point. She was with us before & after surgery & made sure we were successful with breastfeeding. Sally spent an entire day on her feet, working hard for us, even reminding my husband to eat & sleep or catch his breath every so often. She checked on us afterwards & followed up a few weeks later. I can not have imagined going through labor without her, & I would recommend her to anyone-no matter what type of birth you envision."

   -Carolyn G.

"My husband is a man of very few words and has a hard time expressing his emotions, but after you left the hospital he was like "I miss her already and I'm not sure what I would have done without her here!"

He and I wanted to just say again thank you so much for helping us on the journey of bringing our sweet girl into the world safe and sound. I truly know myself that having you there helped me to continue to dig deep and stay strong during the whole process and I cannot thank you enough."

  -Chavrae M.

"If you are contemplating hiring a doula for your birth, DO IT! To be completely honest, I didn’t know a ton about the role of doulas before meeting Sally, but I cannot recommend her enough! She was so caring and made me feel very comfortable, which took down my anxiety a lot. Before baby arrived, Sally presented me with evidence-based research on topics I was unsure about and advocated for me at the hospital to help me make decisions that were in line with what was most important to me. After baby arrived, I had a few complications healing and I felt ignored by my doctors. Sally was always there for me, even though she was not on call anymore. Even if she didn’t know the answer, she made me feel supported and helped me find a solution. Having another woman by my side who was clearly passionate about helping other women made my experience much less overwhelming. I am so grateful to have found Sally and I would recommend her services to any mother, new or veteran."


-Alyssa R.

"Sally is absolutely wonderful! My third child was delivered in an unexpected c-section and I was hoping and praying for a V-BAC for my fourth delivery. I decided to reach out for doula services late in my pregnancy. Sally said YES to walking with me as my doula and I am so grateful that she did. She brought a sense of calm and peace to my labor experience. She brought expertise in times of decision making that helped guide and assist my husband and me in keeping with our labor wishes. We especially appreciated praying with her, as this is very important to us. As an added perk, her essential oils and massaging greatly helped me relax during a long labor. Together, we achieved my desired goal of a V-BAC and I delivered a healthy baby. She took photos for us immediately following the delivery, and also wrote and gave us my son’s birth story during her postpartum visit; I will cherish the photos and his written birth story forever. Sally was an integral part of my beautiful birth experience. I am so grateful for Sally’s help and I recommend her to anyone!"

  -Lori I.

"I had a forty hour induction that Sally was there for 28 hours of (She was in another labor and had to rest before coming to mine-I think she would have been there for the entire forty had she not had another labor), and pushed for almost four hours-she coached me through that entire fiasco. 

I had wanted a natural birth, but because of everything that occured, I had an epidural placed (and cried about it and screamed during the placement) and she coached me through that as well. She worked with me before the epidural was placed, outdoing what the nurses alone were doing (bouncing on a ball, doing spinning babies, taking warm showers, walking, using the peanut ball, etc.). Once the epidural was placed, she still was doing positions in the bed that made my cervix dilate and placing the peanut ball for me. 

I truly believe that my labor would have been different had I not had Sally. Sally helped me immensely, and her birth story she wrote for me is something that I will forever cherish (especially since I basically don't remember my labor at all). Thanks Sally!"

   -Victoria K.

"I can't even put into words how valuable it was to have Sally at my hospital birth, but I'm going to try. The support I received during pregnancy, labor/birth, and postpartum is like nothing I've ever experienced before. She is extremely supportive, has a gentle and calming presence, very knowledgeable about spinningbabies, extremely knowledgeable about the birth process. She was incredibly emotionally supportive as well as physically supportive. She also helped talk me through past birth trauma. She seems like she's been doing this for 50 years. She gives amazing back massages too! If we ever had another kid (sorry- we won't lol) I would be contacting her immediately to reserve my spot with her. My only regret is that I didn't know about her when we had our first kiddo."

   -Brianna E.

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