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When my husband and I found out I was pregnant with our first child we were very excited. We started thinking about the delivery and since I didn't know what to expect, I was nervous and stressed about it. We looked into a doula and the hospital paired me up with Sally. Since we first met, I knew this was a great choice and I left the meeting feeling less stressed. I went into labor at 3 am and started texting with Sally and she responded right away. She gave me some tips to try at home before rushing to the hospital. When I texted her I was leaving for the hospital, she immediately was en route. She was so helpful through the whole delivery process. My husband was able to leave and park the car, get lunch when needed; he felt good about leaving me knowing I was in good hands. Even though I had an epidural, she was able to guide me into different positions to help with the deliverythat the nurses wouldn't have thought of. She was literally there for me the entire time I went into labor until my child was born. She is a great advocate for you and makes sure you get what you want. she was a great addition and I would recommend her and use her again.

- Jamie R.

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