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What is the Body Ready Method?

The Body Ready Method, or BRM for short, is a way to prepare for a smoother birth and better postpartum recovery through alignment tools and movement patterns. BRM can help alleviate pregnancy aches and stress while helping train your body for birth. Better body alignment is not only beneficial for pregnancy and birth, but for everyday life as well. When are bodies can move and work optimally, we feel good and things are easier.

As a BRM pro, I will assess where you are at and help you prepare you for where you want to be based on your birth goals.

There are 2 ways I can help. First, you can enroll in a BRM pregnancy, birth or postpartum program, or a combination of those. Go to to find out more about each one and pricing. I can offer you a coupon code if you decide to purchase one of the programs. Once enrolled, we can schedule a time for me to give you an assessment and determine what might be the best tools to focus on during the program to help you achieve your pregnancy, birth or postpartum goals.

Secondly, if you decide you don't want to enroll in a program, or don't have time to dedicate to it, I can work with you 1:1. This would involve meeting at least twice to talk over your goals, previous birth experiences, physical limitations, and everyday movement patterns. I would then do an assessment and decide what tools are best suited to you at the time. At the second meeting I would re-assess and give you new tools based on the progress you've made and where you want to be.

As with any exercise type program, check with you care provider to determine if it is safe to start during pregnancy or postpartum. Best Beginnings and Body Ready Method do not make any guarantees on birth outcomes from participating in the program.

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